What We Cover and Don't Cover

We ensure all plants will arrive in healthy condition if ordered properly. Please note the following:

• All address changes for processed orders must be submitted within 8 hours.
• During cold months, orders will have to add a heat pack. Orders that do not have heat packs added and get cold damage will not be issued a replacement or refund.
• Courier delays and lost in transit issues are not covered within our guarantee policy. 
• For plants that were damaged in shipment that don't fall within the criteria in the points above qualify for either a refund or replacement. 


Refund or Replacement

Please note if you ever receive a damaged shipment from us, we are only able to issue a refund for the plants themselves and not for the price of shipping. 

• To qualify please send an email of the order to support@thegreenhousemo.com  with a picture of the damaged item and shipping information.

• Only one replacement order will be issued. For refunds, please allow 3-5 business days to process. 

• If you have any issues, please bear with us as we are small business, it may take 1-2 days during the week to get back to you and fix any problems. We appreciate all of our customers!